About Us


Experience A Better Way To Build.

Our design practice has evolved with every project we do into a design consultancy that specializes in both residential and workplace design. We have developed a unique client focus that creates and delivers profitable, sustainable and future-­ready solutions. Our continuing mission aims to continue revolutionizing the delivery of design and provides a unique design concept & bold executions which fulfill each and every needs of the client & completely works on the client base environment.

ShubHomes has successfully designed & implemented works ranging from real estate, residential, commercial workspaces, bungalows, affordable housing, offices, and industrial structure. We have done 28 residential, 14 affordable housing, 7 commercial, 30 Interior, 4 Industrial and many more projects in our past journey

Our Inspiration

Our home, place, residence (non-living & living) comprises of mixture of five elements that are together termed as PANCHMAHABHUTA. This elements helps us design sustainable and eco-friendly projects.
We live in our house and spend most of our time within the house. The peace and sanity that your home offers helps you grow and remain motivated in whatever you pursue. Thus, in order for us to be connected and to be in sync with the five elements, the house has to be connected to them and to do this we make extra effort to increase the involvement of all these elements into our projects in different ways.

Core Values

At the heart of everything we do are our core values of Teamwork, Integrity, Excellence, and Innovation. We believe in a culture of collaboration, underpinned by integrity and the aspiration to excel in everything we do.